The 14 Traits of a Modern

Badass Leader

What Makes a Badass Leader? I get this question all the time when people ask me if they are a fit for the Modern Badass Leader Group Coaching program. I’ve created a list of what I know to be true about the badasses I know and love. If you recognize some of these traits in yourself… welcome to the Modern Badass club! I can’t wait to welcome you to my program.

  • You know your bright side and embrace your dark side. These days, we hear quite a bit about strengthening our strengths, also known as your bright side. Makes perfect sense. However, Modern Badasses are aware of and embrace their dark sides, too. You know that the dark side has value, can be “tamed” and leveraged to your advantage.


  • There’s no crying in baseball. It’s an awesome quote from an entertaining movie. It applies to Badass Leaders too because they face adversity head on. Sure, you can get frustrated by unexpected outcomes (um, you are human) but you’ve never counted yourself out. You have a ton of grit.


  • You sometimes feel lonely. You have super high standards for yourself and others. The problem is that you’ve never shared how much harder you are on yourself than you are on the people around you. That means you’ve alienated yourself (unintentionally, of course) but …


  • You crave connection with people. It’s possible for you to leap tall business goals in a single bound and yet want to feel like you have people who champion and challenge you because they think so much of you.


  • You know how to FITFO. Modern Badasses always figure it the flip out. If you can’t solve for something one way, you solve for it another way. You live for challenges and puzzles.


  • You are super creative. There’s nothing better than standing in front of a whiteboard and asking “What is the opportunity for us here?” You see new possibilities better than many of your peers.


  • You have Spidey sense. Your intuition is off the charts. And, when you remember to use it along with your IQ, no one can stop you or anyone who works with you.


  • You suffer from self doubt. You’re objectively one of the most talented people around, but you frequently suffer from Impostor Syndrome.


  • You are a disruptor. You challenge norms. You don’t make the donuts so much as you make new donut recipes. You’re not afraid to tell it like it is and you’re not afraid to interrupt patterns. You don’t disrupt for disruption’s sake, though. Your energy is directed towards helping your team and your clients get to where they need to go.


  • You have a quick wit. Your humor is sharp, sometimes wicked. You have a keen sense of the absurd which helps you overcome challenges as they may present to you.


  • Your loyalty game is off the charts. You stick your neck out for things you believe in: your business, your team, your clients, your values. You know that your people can fend for themselves, but you take your responsibility as a leader seriously.


  • It’s hard for you to ask for help. Being independent is a double-edged sword. You get a lot of stuff done on your own but it’s really hard for you to receive help.


  • You keep it real. You’re easily bored. And, it’s obvious when you’re bored. You can’t phone it in like other people do. If you’re not passionate about it, you want no part of it.


  • You sometimes go 80MPH in a 45MPH zone. You’re so passionate about the things that engage you that you press the pedal all the way down. Really awesome for when your team is with you but a lot of times, your engine is much stronger than the team’s engine.

Do these resonate with you? I have experienced all of the above at various times in my career and I know the peaks and valleys of being a Modern Badass. That’s why I’ve created the program you need to surround yourself with fellow Modern Badass Leaders. Why? So that you can harness your superpower and leave a legacy of awesomeness. I can’t wait to work with you. Learn more and register here.

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