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Making snap business decisions might feel right in the moment, but they can snap back with unintended consequences. One quick fix may lead to another (for more sales, higher revenues, new customers, etc.), but before you know it you may not recognize your surroundings.   

 With a 90 minute Sixense Spark session, we’ll take a holistic and objective view of what’s happening with your company, and I’ll guide you on what’s ahead. That means sorting through options, validating your hypothesis, and sparking a new path forward.

After our session you’ll receive a full Spark report of every part of our discussion. Even from 30,000 feet, I’m ready to give you a grounded view of your company. 

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Our Sixense Spark session includes:


Reviewing your business goals

understanding what’s limiting you – and why

creative brainstorming to navigate out of those limitations

making action plans to get back on track

Turn around your business in 90 minutes

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Parissa has a genius in understanding the steps necessary to understand your customers and then knowing how to execute on their needs as opposed to selling your business or making a pitch on your product. I think that’s invaluable to a lot of business owners.

George Demos, First Recruiting

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