Sixense Framework

Why are so many leaders challenged when it comes to achieving their goals?

Imagine if you could… 

You’re most likely reading this because cookie cutter strategies haven’t worked out. 

The truth is…

The results you’re looking for are within reach, and it’s not because of a lack of time or resources. Here are the real reasons why.

In my experience successfully working with C-Suite Leaders on strategic growth, I continue to see two problems holding back leaders with tons of potential.


Number One

You can’t get out of your own way.

Think back to the last time you wrote out a specific goal. It’s now weeks or months later that you find yourself in the same position and not any closer to achieving your big goal.  

You want to do things differently, but you’re stuck at the end of the day wondering how to do things differently. And, you feel like you’re falling short of your true potential.

You’re left reacting when problems occur instead of understanding the root issues and being prepared to overcome them.


Number TWO

Most executive coaching or training programs promise you a unicorn but give you a donkey.

There are countless workshops, conferences, blog posts, videos, and every type of training telling you how to change. The problem is they are strictly conceptual AND superficial rather than practical and digging into the root cause.

Many of you have probably tried them before (I admit, I’ve tried many in the past). 

What you don’t need is someone telling you to “become a better leader,” but a step by step approach to create a clear business strategy that aligns with your values.  

What you DO need is a systematic framework to confidently make decisions based on fact and guided by what best-selling author Gay Hendricks calls “your unique Zone of Genius.”

What you need is the glue that holds your team, your goals, and your vision together as a leader. 

So, that’s where we’re at right now.

After years of learning what leaders struggle with and not seeing anything that truly fills the gaps to all of these problems, I knew it was time  to create something that could cut through the business chatter and get real results.


Sixense Framework


Get my proven, step-by-step system to be a badass leader and uncover your superpowers to unleash your full potential. 

I get it. Every day you face the constant challenge of being your team leader and decision-maker. 

These decisions shouldn’t be based on knee jerk reactions. And blindly leading from facts and figures versus making human connections with team members and clients won’t get you far either.  

you know that making a shift takes guts. 

Lasting change means flipping things upside down and stepping out of your comfort zone.

Isn’t it time to charge ahead with a solid plan, instead of stepping back in hesitation or blindly marching forward? 

If that resonates with you, know that this framework is based on my Sixense Empathy Model™, centered on a human connection and not a soulless algorithm or a one-size-fits-all methodology. 

Sixense Framework is your secret weapon to provide you with actionable and practical steps and find a solution that fits your leadership and business style instead of trying to make you fit into a mold. 

I’ve poured my extensive knowledge, heart, and energy into this program. 

I KNOW you won’t be left feeling empty handed.

In this program, you’ll not only get access to my strategic framework, but you’ll also be able to…

Uncover what’s missing from your current strategy and how to quickly resolve the gaps.

Focus on the data-driven research to pinpoint growth opportunities instead of wasting time on the things that don’t move the needle.

Learn how to fearlessly test new ideas without worrying about the end result. Plus, know how to adjust based on results and feedback.

Elevate your decision making process through my Sixense Empathy Model™ and make an impact on your clients and team.

Sixense Framework helps you find undiscovered possibility by being both your champion and your challenger. I’ve worked with many leaders to equip them with strategic insight to achieve their leadership goals.

“Parissa's coaching services were tremendously helpful to me this year. The format of her sessions, exploration exercises, and open ended questioning helped me to push through mental roadblocks I'd inadvertently put in the path of my goals. Coaching was not always easy, but after working with Parissa I feel confident, inspired and prepared to craft my 'next'".
Melinda Gloriosa
CEO of Mel Endeavors
"When we started, I was lost in a sea of different business ideas, feedback, and distractions. Parissa’s method provided value from day one. Her strategic wisdom and experience helped us decipher our business at a micro and macro level to help us solve a deep client need. She is a business coach, life coach, and tough voice of reason — all wrapped in one."
Sara Taylor-Demos
CEO & Founder of Cora Home

Hi, my name is Parissa Behnia and I am a “Business Whisperer.”

I help leaders and their businesses define their BRILLIANCE. 

You need an ally—an objective partner who understands the complexity of your decisions and helps you evaluate them to go from “What’s Missing Now” to “What’s Possible.” 

This is where I come in. I serve clients. I don’t please them. 

I’ll share this success story with you.

Haleh Fardi was a successful partner at a CFO consulting firm.

She knew her core talents but at the same time knew she could do better. Haleh had developed her own consulting framework and was looking for its outlet.

I’ll let Haleh’s words explain what happened next.

“The magic came in the space she created and held for small realizations and then a major life shifting transformation. She really heard me without a personal agenda and then coached me with insight and experience. It was truly magical, transformational and masterful coaching. 

I was off track and with her guidance I was back on track “just like that”. It snapped into place and the few subsequent sessions created a momentum that has changed my career and my life.

I believe her education, experience and qualifications enabled her to see and empathize with me. I don’t think other coaches would understand the intensity of the work I did for 25 years. 

I believe Parissa’s ability to listen, feel and not act enabled me to feel safe and empowered me to look forward . She utilized her skills as a strategist to help me develop personal goals and strategies to achieve those same goals.”

Today, Haleh is the Co-Founder and CVO of ProCFO Partners.

My success with clients like Haleh is a great story, and what’s important is helping YOU and your team confront the biggest challenges with confidence and ease. You have goals and are hungry to achieve them. If you don’t do anything about them, you’ll become stagnant.

This is why I’ve continued to experiment and refine my Sixense Empathy Model™ and created the Sixense Framework. My approach is proven and practical and will help any leader who is ready to lean into challenges and take risks. 

And I promise you, once you know that you can achieve your goals and see results, it will propel your clients and team forward into a realm of possibility, instead of feeling stuck in complacency.

Because this isn’t a quick fix with results now and more work to do later, the Sixense Framework offers a step-by-step guide to become an efficient and successful leader. 

Future YOU will be able to:

If you’re tired of feeling trapped in a business box, the Sixense Framework will help you go from stagnant to dynamic.

This course might be a good fit if…

You’re ready to be a leader that connects the dots and truly makes an impact on your clients and team – built off of a culture of trust and empathy.

You understand the cost of being stuck in the status quo and are ready to stop patching together problems and ACTUALLY fix them.

You’re ready to finally flip the switch from feeling “meh” about business goal setting to “HELL YES!”

If you answered yes to all three, even better!

this course is not for …

Anyone with a defeatist or a victim mentality

Someone who prefers to make the donuts instead of being known for creating new donut recipes

People who don’t lean into challenges or are afraid of change.

empathy model

module 1

Learn the key principles of my Sixense Empathy Model™. 

In this module, I’ll teach you the fundamentals of the model and how you can apply it to overcome gaps in your business strategy and improve as a leader.

Sixense goal

module 2

Learn how to become a consistent goal-setter and achiever.

In this module, we’ll identify, define, and analyze the common traits and characteristics of elevated leadership, so you can determine your mastery goals and get on the path to achieving them.


Module 3

How to apply the Sixense Empathy Model™ to your business and leadership strategy.

In this module, we’ll discuss empathy’s role in your business and leadership strategy. We’ll uncover new perspectives to help solve your client’s problems and your leadership challenges.


module 4

Harness the power of self-awareness.

In this module, we’ll examine and identify your “blind spots” and develop self-awareness and selective attention through my five-step process.

sixense strategy scan

Module 5

Learn how to identify and map your current business and leadership state

In this module, we’ll analyze your current leadership state and compare your actions against your competition to evaluate your next strategic steps. We also discuss how to conduct an audit on your business on past performance reviews and assessments following my metric-driven process.


module 6

plan your future state

In this module, we’ll discuss ways to create business goals and align business decisions with your values. Then, we’ll dive into how to facilitate and evaluate the effectiveness of the changes you make as a leader.


module 7

How to assess your business and leadership gaps

In this module, we’ll break down the differences between your current and possible future states, so we can make decisions based on where the gaps are.

Sixense lightbulb

module 8

Discover how to apply a mastery mindset and test and hone new ideas

In this module, we’ll evaluate your business and leadership decisions against a resilient mindset, which factors in the “cause and effect” from Newton’s 3rd Law. You also learn six tips for testing new ideas.

Sixense goal

module 9

Learn how to “Yield To The Market”

With this knowledge, you’ll be equipped with essential business and leadership strategies to guide both your team and clients to a winning solution. Here you will also learn the powerful application techniques of “detached involvement” to confidently communicate and make decisions.


Let’s start understanding your goals and work towards achieving them together.

If you’re hitting “pause” before you purchase this program, I’d like to invite you to consider this. I know how many courses today overpromise and teach you theories without how to apply them. That’s why I want to make this as risk-free as possible for you.

Give my course a try for 30 days, and if it doesn’t give you the new ideas I promised, just send me an email, and I’ll give you all your money back—and a big thank you for giving my course a try.


Most frequent questions and answers
In this course, you’ll gain a holistic approach to your work as a leader, giving you the confidence to make business decisions based on your values. By definition, empathy requires that you be in tune with emotion. Within this course, I uncover the key strategies needed to use emotion and intuition in order to accomplish the goals you set for your team and clients.
The course includes 8 weeks of online study that will give you focus, clarity and structure to hit your goals. You’ll have modules that cover the Sixense Empathy Model™ complete with animated videos to bring the discussion to life plus a downloadable workbook and quizzes. Also, you’ll be part of a group coaching program so you can ask questions and get feedback from Parissa and your own ‘board of advisors’ as a sort of peer-based brain trust. Lastly, you’ll be part of the private Sixense Framework community on Slack so that you can continue to seek and provide support.

In the self-paced course program, you’ll access over nine modules in addition to a 1:1 consultation call so you can confidently map out your future state in your business or as a leader. In my 1:1 services, you and I co-create an engagement based on diving deep into your goals and values, and then I champion and challenge you as you create the actionable steps needed to  achieve them. If you pay a one-time payment upfront, you’ll gain an additional one hour consultation call.

I’d be delighted to speak with you about what this can look like for us. If interested, you can book a time with me using my scheduling link:

Currently, our refund policy includes a 30-day refund policy. This policy implements a complete refund if you do not advance past the 1st module after the first 30 days of purchasing the program.

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Are you ready to stop hoping you’ll figure out how to be a successful leader and begin leading a team that both inspires and makes an impact in the world? 


Click the link and enroll today.

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