Sixense Scan

To get where you want to go, start by knowing where you are.

With insight comes foresight.

I see what you see. And maybe more.

With Sixense Scan, I sit side by side with you and take a look at your business. With the valuable, seasoned perspective of an expert’s lens, we’ll look at what we know, where there might be some blind spots, and what success can look like. We’ll explore:

  • Current business vision and revenue targets
  • Your superpower (what we call the unique value proposition)
  • Your customers, and what they want and need
  • How well your products or services serve your customers
  • Sizing up your competition
  • Employee engagement and alignment with your goals

Sixense Synthesis puts assessment into action.

Once we’ve completed a Sixense Scan together, we can chart a course for growth and success:


Refining your vision and revenue targets

Strengthening your superpower

Validating how what you do (and how you do it) best serves your customers

A plan for innovation to cement customer loyalty

Separating from the competition

Better marketing and more sales

Employee buy-in and loyalty

Get a baseline sense of your business from an expert’s perspective.

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“I met Parissa at a critical juncture for my business. We set some deceptively simple goals, and she both challenged and supported me to accomplish them in the time we set aside. If you need help getting your strategy straight, I highly recommend working with Parissa!”

Karen Purze, Life in Motion

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