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Parissa Behnia

My Manifesto

My name is Parissa and I am a Business Whisperer.

I help leaders and businesses discover and unleash their superpowers… the stuff which defines THEIR brilliance. My absolute favorite thing to do is to stand in front of whiteboards with my clients and ask “what could the world look like if we created/explored/tested ______?”

I love creativity and ambiguity. I love pushing past what we believe our limits may be. I love disruption and pattern interrupts. I love change agents. I love being messy and edgy. Actually, I REALLY love being messy and edgy.

I serve clients. I don’t please them.

I don’t care about how the donuts are made… I trust some soul whose Zone of Genius is donut making will take care of that. I care about making new fantastic and tasty donut recipes with my clients that amaze their clients. That’s my Zone of Genius.

My brilliance is in serving yours. And, I’d like to help you channel yours. We’re all brilliant diamonds.

How badly do you want to shine?

My Bio

I founded Sixense to build on my previous career incarnations and enact my Sixense Empathy Model™ to serve the business leadership community. I work with C Suite and senior leaders when they are ready to level up and step into their powers to grow their businesses or to grow as leaders. Sometimes, being at the top can feel like you’re alone in a crowded room and my clients know I will work side by side with them to set and conquer goals that drive real results for them. I’m also a partner in 678 Partners, a firm that offers advisory services to Family Offices.

Prior to that I served as Vice President, Account Director at Wunderman DC, a relationship marketing agency. I’m recognized in the Chicago entrepreneurial community as a board member, an advisor and angel investor, with a soft spot for female founders but a love of creative minds above all else. I have taught entrepreneurship seminars and am a frequent speaker on topics such as strategy, leadership and entrepreneurship. I’m an active mentor and volunteer in cultural, civic, women’s, education and business organizations and have served in numerous service leadership and non-profit board positions.

I am a Certified Professional Coach, hold a BA from Northwestern University and a MBA from NYU’s Stern School of Business.

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I’m ready to help your business grow. Are you?

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