Modern Badass Leader

Group Coaching


Recharge your superpower and

leave a legacy of awesomeness

Reignite your passion for your work, disrupt norms and leave a legacy. This group coaching program empowers you to:


Elevate your leadership game: Be engaged, authentic, fearless and confident


Declare and step into your Zone of Genius


Find your Modern Badass colleagues and support each other


Remove the blocks stopping you from getting what you want

Executives, Partners, or Business Founders, this program is designed exclusively for you:


Natural achievers

Success is your feature, not your bug. You might be bored more than you’d care to admit.


You love standing in front of a whiteboard and asking, “What’s the opportunity here?” You’re hungry to find a new challenge.


You know how to leap tall buildings in a single bound. But underneath it all, you’re human. You may feel alone and wish you could ask for (and accept) help.

Those perfect at everything, yet deeply unhappy

Your standards are so exacting that you create stress for yourself and others. You’ve some failures which live as a negative highlight reel in your head.


Those interested in everything, but derailed by shiny objects

That means you don’t always stay true to your Zone of Genius and don’t always see things through to completion.

The Powerful

Leadership comes to you naturally but sometimes you deliver it with an edge that can turn people off. You’re hungry for someone to tell you the truth.

Modern Badasses are used to putting on that superhero costume and leaping tall goals in a single bound. If this is you, get ready to join those like you, in your very own Justice League.

Your legacy is calling. You gonna answer?

Being a Modern Badass Leader means that you can get big stuff done AND be seen as human. And, that’s why I’ve created this group coaching program: we can be a band of Badasses together who will be unstoppable in achieving our goals and dreams.

Here’s what’s in store for you in the six month

Modern Badass Leader Group Coaching Program:

Energy Leadership Index Assessment and Individual 60 Minute Debrief with Parissa

Understand your strengths and embrace your weaknesses so you can work to your full potential.

Bi-monthly, 60 Minute Group Sessions

Immerse yourself with your peers who are going to challenge and champion you across 12 sessions.

A 60 Minute Individual Coaching Session with Parissa

Get over those last hurdles, clarify your goals, and feel like a winner with personalized one-on-one coaching with Parissa.

Private Slack Group

Reach out to Parissa and the group at anytime to keep the conversations, questions, inspiration, and accountability going.

Access to Session Recordings

We are all busy and stuff comes up. So we are recording each group session so you can still get access to all the golden nuggets, even if you can’t join us live.

We start kicking ass this summer.


Space is extremely limited. Don’t let someone else take your seat!

Pay $1995 Now

Or, inquire about 2 payments of $997.50!

Questions about Modern Badass Leader Group Coaching? Let’s talk it over together.

There is power in partnership.

Coaching and support from your peers help transform what’s possible into what’s DONE.

It’s the energy that fuels your superpower. It’s proven. It’s wildly successful. It’s the stuff that helps you leave a legacy.

“Parissa really helped me find a way back to myself.

She really heard me without a personal agenda and then coached me with insight and experience. It was truly magical, transformational and masterful coaching. I was off track and with her guidance I was back on track “just like that.” It snapped into place and the few subsequent sessions created a momentum that has changed my career and my life.

– Haleh Fardi, Founder and Managing Partner of ProCFO Partners and Financial Growth Center

Learn more about your badass leader

I’m Parissa Behnia. I’m a change agent, a pattern interruptor and I speak truth to power.

I’m not for everyone as I can be polarizing while I’m speaking truth to power. When they do find me polarizing, it’s because they aren’t ready to make a change and are fine with status quo, no matter how imperfect it is. If that is where you are, I honor your decision.

I live on the other side of my own disruption. I’ve paid the price of the tension you feel when you ignore the calls and resist your own disruption.

But, here’s the good news. The other side of disruption is transformation. The work you do with me means you’re all in on your own transformation as a leader.

I can’t wait to work with you, Badass. See you soon in the group.

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