Influence is the ability to speak truth to power — with power.

What could you achieve if you upleveled your influence?


Could you command a higher salary or a more senior position?


Would you excel at high-level, more complex negotiations?


Would you sit with ease in the C-Suite or the boardroom?



The Inconceivable Influence Mastermind brings change agents together for six months to create what’s possible.

Wondering where you are on the Modern Badass curve?


There are only two problems people have speaking truth to power:


type 1

They speak loudly to the people in power and they cannot be heard.


Type 2

They speak softly to the people in power and they cannot be heard.

Type 1 are Modern Badasses:


Do you operate at 80MPH in business while everyone around you wants to stay at the speed limit? When you have an idea, you go full in and full out.


When everyone else asks "Why?" do you ask "Why Not?" You get drained working with people who come from a place of “this can’t happen” and seek likeminded visionaries.


Do you set audacious goals that make people look at you with a combination of fear and awe? You are a pattern disruptor, and push yourself and others past their comfort zone.


Do you love pushing past the limits that others set? Because when you want to change the world, you need to push past those limits.


When someone says, “That's impossible...” Do you respond, “Watch me!” To you, there is a cost for not going for the impossible – it is staying within the status quo.


Have you ever been described as: bold, brash, bull in a china shop or difficult to manage? It can be frustrating to be misunderstood.

Did you say “Yes!” to any of these? You’re in the right place.

You do things differently from everyone else. And, like me, you are probably hungry to meet people like you – mavericks who want to do things differently.

Your legacy is calling. Are you going to answer?


Candidly, Modern Badass, you know you have the capacity to make a massive impact.


You have strengths that you use to improve others’ lives and inspire them to action. In fact, it’s when you feel most alive.


The problem is – those very strengths can get in your way…



Being fiercely independent can be challenging in a team environment.


Refusing to give in to convention can hold you back when there are cultural or corporate norms.


Not letting the opinions of others sway you can get in the way of your ability to effect change.


Your steely determination can inspire others but also intimidate them.

What most people know about you is that you are extraordinarily tough and can absorb a great deal of challenge.


What most people don’t know about you is that beneath your tough facade is a vulnerability covered by layer(s) of emotional armor.

Here’s what’s in store for you in the six-month Inconceivable Influence Mastermind for high-level leaders:

Great leaders dream big.

You begin this journey with a personal coaching intensive with Parissa, to craft your vision and draw out the blocks in your way, so you can handle them – forever.

Great leaders take informed action.

In addition to receiving a signed copy of the Modern Badass book, you will receive additional curated resources and engage with Parissa, guest speakers, and others just like you.

Great leaders are bold enough to receive mentoring.

Twice a month you will join 90-minute group coaching sessions, with featured guest coaches, to continue to challenge your thinking and help you get where you want to go.

Great leaders go beneath the surface.

Go even deeper by adding the (optional) Hogan Assessment and personalized debrief to your Inconceivable Influence experience. Parissa uses the Hogan Assessment exclusively with her 1:1 Executive Coaching clients.

For the next 6 months, you’ll be part of a community of high-level leaders who will champion you and challenge you. 


You’ll have access to a private Slack channel group, for conversation, questions, inspiration and accountability. You’ll have access to group coaching from Parissa, in both synchronous and asynchronous ways. And you’ll have access to recordings of every single session, so you never miss a thing.

It’s time to reignite your passion for your work. What are you waiting for?


It’s time to disrupt the status quo (in a way that brings others along with you). It’s time to truly make an impact and leave a legacy.




It’s time for Inconceivable Influence.



This is a gathering of extraordinary people looking to change each other and the world from the inside out.



It’s not for everyone. Find out if this journey is the right fit for you. Set up a 30-minute discovery call to gain a better understanding of the Inconceivable Influence community.



We start in early September!


Space is extremely limited. Don’t let someone else take your seat!

Questions about Inconceivable Influence? 

There is power in partnership.

Coaching and support from your peers help transform what’s possible into what’s DONE.

It’s the energy that fuels your superpower. It’s proven. It’s wildly successful. It’s the stuff that helps you leave a legacy.

“Parissa really helped me find a way back to myself.

She really heard me without a personal agenda and then coached me with insight and experience. It was truly magical, transformational and masterful coaching. I was off track and with her guidance I was back on track “just like that.” It snapped into place and the few subsequent sessions created a momentum that has changed my career and my life.

– Haleh Fardi, Founder and Managing Partner of ProCFO Partners and Financial Growth Center

Learn more about your leader

I’m Parissa Behnia. I’m a change agent, a pattern interruptor and I speak truth to power.

I’m not for everyone as I can be polarizing while I’m speaking truth to power. When they do find me polarizing, it’s because they aren’t ready to make a change and are fine with status quo, no matter how imperfect it is. If that is where you are, I honor your decision.

I live on the other side of my own disruption. I’ve paid the price of the tension you feel when you ignore the calls and resist your own disruption.

But, here’s the good news. The other side of disruption is transformation. The work you do with me means you’re all in on your own transformation as a leader.

I can’t wait to work with you! See you soon in the group.

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