How To Sharpen Your Business Vision

Do you miss the forest for the trees? Are you sometimes nearsighted when it comes to your work? Good business vision can help you see the entire picture. Children are told to eat their carrots to improve their vision but entrepreneurs need to eat their strategy carrots to improve their vision, too. Some entrepreneurs become fixated[…]


Legacy And Strategy

A recent conversation about ancestry got us thinking about legacy and how it influences our future. Many times, we’ve seen history repeat itself because we’ve not learned from it. This applies to business history, too. Having your own business can feel like a series of rapid prototyping projects. We keep testing until we get the[…]


The Rolling Stones… And Hustle

Do you hustle? No, not this hustle. Generally, do you hustle? Do you take a hard look at your business, your business environment and use experimentation to navigate your way forward? It’s time to look for outside inspiration: The Rolling Stones. The Rolling Stones have been hustling since 1962 and this exhibition drives that point home for[…]

Strategy Consulting Case Study

We develop and deliver corporate strategy recommendations with a decidedly different approach. We’ve found when you focus on something “soft” like empathy, you can still deliver work predicated on “hard” skills. In fact, we find that we can do even more. Most consulting firms focus on the negative aspects and areas of improvement and recommend[…]