What’s the Power of U?

The Power of U is your Unique Value Proposition. It is an impactful, easy to understand statement that explains why your business stands apart from your competition. The best (and correct) ones are written from the vantage point of the customer. In other words, your customer’s agenda comes first, not your business’ agenda. But, it’s not lip[…]

On the Same Side of the Table

 Embracing the Unknowns & Asking the Right Questions We know our clients want answers. That’s why they come to us. It’s also why we start all our engagements with questions. Open-ended and targeted questions help us better determine what assumptions and biases our clients have about their business or path. We can also quickly glean[…]

Strategy Consulting Case Study

We develop and deliver corporate strategy recommendations with a decidedly different approach. We’ve found when you focus on something “soft” like empathy, you can still deliver work predicated on “hard” skills. In fact, we find that we can do even more. Most consulting firms focus on the negative aspects and areas of improvement and recommend[…]