Legacy And Strategy

A recent conversation about ancestry got us thinking about legacy and how it influences our future. Many times, we’ve seen history repeat itself because we’ve not learned from it. This applies to business history, too. Having your own business can feel like a series of rapid prototyping projects. We keep testing until we get the[…]


The Rolling Stones… And Hustle

Do you hustle? No, not this hustle. Generally, do you hustle? Do you take a hard look at your business, your business environment and use experimentation to navigate your way forward? It’s time to look for outside inspiration: The Rolling Stones. The Rolling Stones have been hustling since 1962 and this exhibition drives that point home for[…]


Employees As Secret Weapons

Previously, we’ve talked about the Lean Canvas Model, building block questions, value propositions, pivots and empathy. The one thing that’s key to success as we build and grow our businesses? Employees. It turns out we won’t be successful until we’ve convinced our teams to come along for the ride. 51% of employees are looking for a job at any one[…]

Sixense Speaks Podcast Episode 4

Welcome to another episode of Sixense Speaks! Every business has a superpower. Sixense’s superpower is that it helps businesses grow by reviewing and then revising or reconstructing their plans or strategies using the Sixense Empathy Model™. What’s yours? It’s your Unique Value Proposition. A Unique Value Proposition is an impactful, easy to understand statement that[…]