December 22, 2016


We developed the Sixense Empathy Model™ to determine what’s a symptom versus a problem, crystallize issues and opportunities and compute all of the information. Our application of this strategic system means we are better positioned to deliver—and our clients are better ready to act on—the results that drive success.

We have found that what’s missing from strategy is a rooted understanding. Of clients. Of their businesses. Of needs and goals. Our methodology is to work from a place of understanding and foundational communication.

EGO kills empathy.

Don’t let what you want or think you need get in the way of what your customers want or need.
The customer is the center of your universe.

MAP your present state.

What is going on with your business, your customer or your teams?

PLAN your future state.

What would you like to happen with your business, your customer or your teams?

ASSESS the gaps.

Where do you see the largest disconnects?

TEST new approaches to close the gaps.

Where can you make some improvements?

HONE your approach.

What can you (re)adjust based on your results or feedback?

YIELD to the market.

The market always tells the truth.