November 15, 2017


“Parissa is a powerhouse of strategic wisdom and experience in deciphering your business at both a macro and micro level to ensure your business is both differentiating and solves a deep customer need. Her emphasis on customer empathy is really her way of helping you kill your competition and dominate your industry. Parissa and I worked together for 10 sessions. When we started, I was lost in a sea of differing business ideas, feedback and distractions. She provided value from day one — even during our initial free consultation. Each week narrowed my focus, gave me (roller coaster) support and made me a better entrepreneur. She is a business coach, life coach and tough voice of reason — all wrapped in one. After going through her program, the net result is our team has a clear path of differentiation, goals, financial projections, problem-solution statement and one-pager for fundraising. And, more importantly, I have a renewed focus to win.”

— Sara Taylor-Demos, Cora Home


“I met Parissa at a critical juncture for my business. We set some deceptively simple goals, and she both challenged and supported me to accomplish them in the time we set aside. If you need help getting your strategy straight, I highly recommend working with Parissa!”

— Karen Purze, Life In Motion