November 15, 2017


“Parissa is a powerhouse of strategic wisdom and experience in deciphering your business at both a macro and micro level to ensure your business is both differentiating and solves a deep customer need. Her emphasis on customer empathy is really her way of helping you kill your competition and dominate your industry. Parissa and I worked together for 10 sessions. When we started, I was lost in a sea of differing business ideas, feedback and distractions. She provided value from day one — even during our initial free consultation. Each week narrowed my focus, gave me (roller coaster) support and made me a better entrepreneur. She is a business coach, life coach and tough voice of reason — all wrapped in one. After going through her program, the net result is our team has a clear path of differentiation, goals, financial projections, problem-solution statement and one-pager for fundraising. And, more importantly, I have a renewed focus to win.”

— Sara Taylor-Demos, Cora Home


“I met Parissa at a critical juncture for my business. We set some deceptively simple goals, and she both challenged and supported me to accomplish them in the time we set aside. If you need help getting your strategy straight, I highly recommend working with Parissa!”

— Karen Purze, Life In Motion


“My favorite part of your Business Superpower workshop: Sell the problem you’re solving versus the product. Nobody wants to have a product delivered to them without understanding what it does for them – what’s in it for them.” 

— Marti Konstant, Agile Careerist Project


“My key takeaway [from the Business Superpower workshop] was how your Business Superpower must be defensible. I can apply that right away to my business.” 

— Melanie De Caprio, New Sky Strategies


“One of the key takeaways is that even though we are in an ever changing tech world, the fact that empathy continues to be king is really important to make success palpable regardless of the business you run. In our company, I think that empathy has always been there but knowing that it is the wrapper that drives success will make it more impactful in the way we relate to our existing and potential clients.” 

— Griselda Garibay, Jonamay Lambert


“My key takeaway from the Business Superpower workshop is the level of empathy you need to engage with your customers. I think Parissa also had a very good point in terms of understanding the steps necessary to understand your customers and then knowing how to execute on their needs as opposed to selling your business or making a pitch on your product. I think that’s invaluable to a lot of business owners.” 

— George Demos, First Recruiting


Starting a new business and a career change requires a unique level of expert support. I have been fortunate enough to be able to work with Parissa Behnia as my executive coach. With the foundation of empathy, she helps me determine my goals, the path to achieving them and how to recognize when I reach a milestone. Her approach is rooted in the understanding of my needs and goals and how it relates to my business and our customers. If you are an executive, entrepreneur, manager, just started working or in the middle of your career – don’t waste another minute. Reach out to Parissa Behnia and make sure you have access to her wisdom and practice.  She is an executive coach, a business coach, a life coach with a level of business strategy expertise which should be your business practice requirement.”

— Haleh Fardi, Partner, CFO Center