Sixense Speaks Podcast Episode 4

Welcome to another episode of Sixense Speaks!

Every business has a superpower. Sixense’s superpower is that it helps businesses grow by reviewing and then revising or reconstructing their plans or strategies using the Sixense Empathy Model™.

What’s yours? It’s your Unique Value Proposition. A Unique Value Proposition is an impactful, easy to understand statement that explains why your business stands apart from your competition. The best ones are written from the vantage point of the customer. In other words, your customer’s agenda comes first, not your business’ agenda.

But, it’s not lip service. The Unique Value Proposition can make or break your business’ ability to break through the clutter and the noise. However, it can also be easily disproven if you really don’t understand your customer and don’t actually have the right products that help. In other words, your business must walk its talk. Businesses that stay in business think with a customer first perspective.

What’s your superpower? Let’s talk about it over a free 30 minute phone consult so we can learn more about your business and identify ways we can help you. Simply call 312.208.7329 or email


Rare Groove by Dave Depper is licensed under CC BY-NC 3.0.

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