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Put an expert’s lens on your business with an intensive 90 minute growth session that leads to creative spark.

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Design your future by reviewing your past and clearing your present. This half day workshop guides you in your vision.

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Custom Coaching

Become a better, more successful leader with the right and right-fit coaching and collaboration.

Perspective with Purpose

At the core of Sixense’s business is an idea that puts your business first: Empathy.

From shrinking sales to questioning your leadership skills.
Fighting back competition to empowering employees.
Businesses of all sizes face adversity – and opportunity – every single day.


I’m Parissa Behnia, and that’s why I created Sixense – to put Empathy first in every action. Before tackling your challenges, I first listen and learn.


Together we don’t skip the tough questions or hard conversations, because we know that they lead to planning, confident action and measurable results for you and your business.


Parissa Behnia of Sixense Strategy is an iPEC Certified Professional Coach
Parissa Behnia of Sixense Strategy is an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner
Parissa Behnia of Sixense Strategy is an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner

If you are an executive, entrepreneur, manager, just started working or in the middle of your career – don’t waste another minute. Reach out to Parissa Behnia and make sure you have access to her wisdom and practice.

Haleh Fardi, Co Founder & CVO, ProCFO Partners

Propel Forward

Let’s solve the equation together.

Strategy and leadership are balancing acts. On one side of the equation, you have strategy: shifting markets, risk, and opportunity. On the other, you have leadership: human behavior, motivation, and the constant need for action.

I’m ready to balance your equation with assessment, adjustment, and attention. Righting the ship can be overwhelming, but that’s where Sixense comes in.

Leaning on decades of experience and my Sixense Empathy Model, I can help you develop the focus, clarity, and confidence you need to overcome any challenge with a tailored approach. You will see this shift as you turn sales around, raise revenues, inspire your employees and start growing your customer base.


Let’s start with a conversation about what’s holding you back.


Shrinking revenues

Indistinctive brand

Shifting marketplace

Losing customers

Ineffective strategy

Investor disinterest

Lack of direction

Services designed to transform

What we do is as important as how we do it.

Some of us need a push, others need a pull. Some need to absorb while others are ready to act. I’ve designed my proven, business-tested, results-driven offerings to meet you where you are, whoever you are.

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Sixense Spark

Uncovering Your Business Spark

sixense strategy coaching

Custom Coaching

Your Vision. Amplified.

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Sixense Vision

Turn Empathy Into Action & Results

A message from the business whisperer

Hi, I’m Parissa Behnia and I can help you scale the heights of What’s Possible for you and your business.

I work with people just like you: high will and high skill leaders of companies ranging from funded startups up to $1B+ enterprises. People ready to step into What’s Possible and grow their businesses or develop new skills to grow as leaders. We sit side by side to set and conquer goals that drive real results. And it’s so exciting to see their surge of confidence and energy as they see results. I can’t wait to see What’s Possible for you.

Turn Empathy into Action on strategy, coaching, and startup advisory

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“I met Parissa at a critical juncture for my business. We set some deceptively simple goals, and she both challenged and supported me to accomplish them in the time we set aside. If you need help getting your strategy straight, I highly recommend working with Parissa!”

Karen Purze, Life in Motion

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